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Do more in Central England. Do more from Central England

Welcome to English UK CentralThe Central England region is located around Britain's second city, Birmingham - just 75 minutes from London by train. If you've heard of William Shakespeare, Robin Hood and Worcestershire sauce, then you already know Central England! There's lots to do in our region in your spare time, and the great thing about our central location is you can also visit those 'must see' places like London, Oxford, Manchester and many more. All within easy day-trip travelling distance.

What's special about Central England?

Robin Hood star of English UK Central1) Beautiful Variety

Robin Hood’s Nottingham, Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, the wonderful Welsh border country, the quaint Cotswolds, Worcester cathedral, Warwick Castle, the market town of Shrewsbury, the regency splendour of Cheltenham and not forgetting the chic and bustling city of Birmingham! There is something for everyone.

2) Location, Location, Location

Where better to be than right in the middle of the action? Birmingham is just 75 minutes by train from London. Most schools are within 2 ½ hours of the capital and London Heathrow Airport. Come to “real England” – leave your worries behind and enjoy yourself. And what if you do want to visit Wales, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, London, Bath? Well they are literally next door!

3) Value for Money

No capital city, no capital prices. Just good honest value for money. Being away from the overcrowded south east there are fewer schools, more host families, so you can get the best quality accommodation at a lower price. Fewer tourists means you pay the same prices as the locals. Fewer English language students means we schools have to work harder to earn your respect, and your money!

Everyone tries harder in Central England4) Outstanding Customer Service

Central England is a place for the discerning visitor; for those who want to get away from cosmopolitan London and the crowded resorts of the South Coast. We have had to work even harder to build our reputations. We know how to give real customer service – nothing is too much trouble, and your customers, our guests, will appreciate what we can offer.

5) Underpinned by Quality Assurance

You can relax! All schools are accredited by The British Council and are members of English UK, the largest body of English language schools in the world. There are proper systems in place to guarantee you will have a great time. And if things go wrong there is a proper system in place to deal with your needs – not that we ever need it, but it’s comforting to know.