Central England Counties

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Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds Gloucestershire has been inhabited for over 5,000 years, therefore the county is rich in archaeological sites from


Nottinghamshire - Robin Hood country in the north-east of the Central region Experience vibrant city life, beautiful countryside, and traditional market


Shropshire - beautiful countryside up to the Welsh borders Shropshire, one of England's best-kept secrets, offers visitors a perfect combination


Warwickshire - William Shakespeare country Warwickshire is sometimes called 'Leafy' or 'Sleepy' Warwickshire because of its wonderful green and relaxing countryside. It


Worcestershire - the garden of England Worcestershire is one of the most outstanding and safest areas in the UK and offers


Birmingham - central capital of the region Birmingham is Britain's second city in size, and the most central, giving easy access to all

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If you are a Language Travel Agent or a company Training or Personnel Manager, we can arrange for you to visit our schools in Central England FREE OF CHARGE. Make the most of a single visit to the UK and s... Read More

Fam Trip March

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English UK Central - March Fam Trip The March fam trip ran from Sunday 28th February through until Friday 5th March inclusive.The trip had 26 agents on it from a wide range of countries. We were delighte... Read More

Fam Trip September

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English UK Central - September Fam Trip (post Study World) The September fam trip ran from Wednesday 8th September through until Sunday 12th September inclusive, immediately after the Study World Fai... Read More

Future Fam Trips

If you are interested in visiting us in the near future these are the dates of our forthcoming fam trips to Central England Have you been using the same old language trainers for years and years? Can't be ... Read More

What is English UK Central all about ?

Fam Trip 2009"We want you to choose Central England in 2016 to learn English."
That is our purpose! Come and visit one of the most beautiful parts of England. You will love it!

Welcome to Central England

English UK Central (EUKC) is a group of English language schools that really care about providing a quality experience in a wonderful part of the country. It is part of the national association English UK and all members are British Council accredited, your guarantees of fantastic Quality!

The region is called Central England, a beautiful part of the country centred around Birmingham, Britain's second city, just 75 minutes from London by train. "Choice" is the key word in Central England, whether you are looking for glorious countryside, bustling cities or something in between, you will find it here.

Visit one of the undiscovered 'gems' of England away from the traditional tourist areas. We arrange familiarisation trips (or 'fam trips') for travel agents and company training / personnel managers so you can see the region 'at a glance'. See what we have to offer! Read more


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General English is everyday English used in a variety of situations ranging from shopping, travel and leisure to reading newspapers, watching TV or interacting with people in the big wide world. Courses usually include developing all four skill areas (reading,... Read more

Business English is the specialised language needed in specific business situations such as taking part in meetings, giving presentations, selling, negotiating or social networking. Students are usually already working in business so they have the skills to do their job,... Read more

Junior Courses are typically for students aged 13-18 and comprise a lively programme of communicative language teaching and activities to stimulate English language learning combined with an exciting, well-organised sports, cultural and leisure programme. Junior courses offer a high level... Read more

Exam Courses are General English courses with a section specifically focused on exam technique and practice in order to achieve as high a score as possible in English exams - typically the "Cambridge" suite. Students are given support and advice... Read more

Adult Vacation Courses are General English courses with the aim of developing mainly speaking and listening skills in a non-pressured environment. Courses set out to achieve a good balance of classroom learning and social activities relevant to the students' interests... Read more

Teacher Training comprises two areas: initial teacher training and teacher development. Initial teacher training is focused on someone who has not been a teacher before, i.e. someone who has not taught EFL or ESOL. Teacher development is focused on someone... Read more

Vocational Courses are courses offered outside the field of English language training. Students normally study long-term programmes with the aim of going on to further academic study or of gaining a qualification for employment. These include GCSEs, A Levels, International Foundation... Read more

Academic & Pre-Sessional courses are designed to give students the study skills in English that they will need to go on to full-time university or other college courses. Courses aim for students to progress to a high standard in reading,... Read more