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What is English UK Central?

Map of the Central England regionIt is a group of English language schools (known for short as EUKC) that really care about providing a quality experience in a wonderful part of the country. The group is a regional sub-group of the national association called "English UK" so in working with EUKC you have all the support and guarantees of the largest association of language schools in the world!

The aim of EUKC is to promote this wonderful part of England to the outside world as a place to visit as well as promoting the English language courses at individual member schools. You will find throughout this web site links to information about the area as well as information about the schools themselves.

There are 12 members ranging in size from small residential centres to large state colleges, and varying in location from the peaceful countryside to bustling, exciting cities. All provide something different but all share the same passion for quality.

English UK CentralĀ is all about people. We are a small organisation run by real people. Many of the member schools are owner-managed. You will find that in all dealings you have with EUKC members you will receive prompt and courteous replies to your queries.

What is the Heart of England? What is the Midlands?

You will sometimes hear the Central England region referred to as the "Heart of England" or "The Midlands".

In English we regard "the heart" as the centre of something. It is also considered to be the place where energy is generated - as in the human body. Central England is both the centre of the country and a vibrant and interesting place - a source of energy and enjoyment. It covers an area centred around Birmingham, Britain's second city, of some 60km radius. This includes Nottingham in the north, Cheltenham in the south, Shrewsbury in the west and Stratford-upon-Avon in the east.

The region is also referred to as the Midlands. This simply means the area in the middle of England. If you hear Heart of England, Midlands or Central England you can take this as the same thing. We prefer to use the name "Central England" because we think it is clear and simple!

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