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Address 253 Wells Road,
Malvern Wells,
WR14 4JF
Academic & Pre-Sessional GCSEs/IGCSEs, A Levels, Foundation Programmes - including our unique Medical and Dental routes. English support as needed.
Address Acton Burnell Hall,
Academic & Pre-Sessional 3 month English plus courses for students aged 14 – 17, EFL lessons + normal school subjects at various levels, to keep up to date with school work. Not suitable for beginners. Courses run from September to December each year. Preparation for GCSE (Form 3 or Year 9). 1 year course, fully residential, Entry at 12/13 years : 2 Year GCSE courses, Fully residential, Entry at 13/14 years : 2 year A level (Advanced level) programmes, preparing students for entry to University, Fully residential, E ntry at 16 – 18 years.
Address Rodney Lodge,
Rodney Road,
GL50 1HX
Academic & Pre-Sessional Long tradition of helping students achieve the necessary language level to gain entry to college and university. We offer pre university IELTS preparation for undergraduate and post graduate courses as well as pre GCSE and A Level preparation
Address 8, Tiddington Road,
CV37 7AE
Academic & Pre-Sessional If you are planning to study a university subject taught in English, then our IELTS Examination Preparation course is for you.