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Are you a British Council Accredited English school or college, and a member of English UK? Then why not join your regional group and be part of a fantastic team that delivers what you want, locally?

Membership of English UK Central (EUKC) is open to all accredited EFL schools and colleges in the Central England region who are members of English UK. If you are not sure if you are in the region just drop me and email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I can let you know! Joining the EUKC family is over and above your membership of English UK and has lots of benefits.

Associate Membership - for just £300 per annum you get all of this :

Support & friendship ...

- meet owner / operators of other schools in the region so you are not alone
- create friendships with others in the same boat as you
- visit other member schools in the region to pick up new ideas and tips
- attend 4 meetings a year and have coffee, biscuits and a good chat with your fellow school managers
- enjoy regular email discussion on EUKC's own mail group news service

Marketing help ...

- pick up market intelligence from other members at group meetings
- have your school represented on the EUKC website for customers to find you
- receive agent and company enquiries via the EUKC website as they arrive
- use of the English UK Central logo on your website
- through the group access a database of over 700 agents word wide
- option to join two inbound fam trips each year for £750 each

Representation ...

- strengthen your association with English UK through your membership of EUKC
- contribute to the strong voice EUKC has at English UK nationally
- speak your mind to the English UK team during their visit to one of our meetings
- be part of other initiatives such as leaflets, flyers and stands at trade exhibitions
- benefit from visiting speakers from publishers and other EFL related experts
- use the group as sounding board for any ideas you want to test out

Other money saving benefits ...

- get excellent discounts at Warwick Castle and Alton Towers through the EUKC group accounts
- join the Central England Director of Studies Association (CENDOSA) at discounted rates
- get help with your ISI inspection from our very own ISI inspector in the group

Full Membership - for £1,500 per annum you get all of this :

- all the benefits of Associate Membership above
- two inbound fam trips included (optional extras with Associate Membership)
- easy payment plan by Standing Order over 12 months (at £125 per month)
- save £300 over separate price

How to Join English UK Central

The membership year runs from 1st October through 30th September each year, and the inbound fam trips are usually scheduled around the end of November and early March. If you wish to apply for full membership it is best to do so at the start of a subscription year, however if you wish to apply for Associate Membership then this can be done at any time and will be charged pro-rata. In this case, depending on when you join, it may be possible to opt in to the fam trips.

To join the group or to learn more about the benefits simply fill in the contact form. The process is easy; the benefits are great! We look forward to hearing from you.

Membership Manager
English UK Central

About English UK Central

EUKC is one of the oldest regional groups of EFL schools and colleges in the UK. It was established in 1992 by Willy Campbell of the Heart of England Tourist Board (HETB) based in Worcester UK. It was originally known as the HELS Group (Heart of England Language Schools) and had three members; Lydbury English Centre, Kingsway English Centre and Swan School Stratford. In 1995 the word 'Association' was added to the name making it HELSA (the Heart of England Language Schools Association). In 1997, with some 15 members, the group left the auspices of the Tourist Board and operated independently for the next 12 years. In 2009 the group accepted a proposal by English UK to become affiliated to the national association of accredited English language course providers and took up the identity English UK Central.

Throughout its history English UK Central has operated on the principles of cooperation, professionalism, abundance and camaraderie. All of the members are either owners or managers of their respective centres and give freely of their time, knowledge and experience. Members regularly exchange information and enquiries, and many work together in providing integrated solutions for clients. Above all the members enjoy their sense of belonging to the group; something which we think you will too. After all, it's important to have fun while you work. If you would like to come along to an EUKC meeting to see what it's like just fill in the Contact Form and this can be arranged with no problem at all.